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Shaw KidsChannel - Toys Review, unboxing toys, Fun time, speed paint, Vlog for kids



  Come and join us my friends!! Shawn ToysChannel opens a very big coin Belgian Milk chocolate by Shawn and Kelly. Shawn and Kelly can’t wait to break and smash the chocolate. This a giant chocolate Shawn ever has. The package comes with two separate chocolate pack. One is a coin size and the other one is gold bar size. They try to break them with their hands but it didn’t work so they break the coin chocolate with a table knife. The giant chocolate bar is hard to break so Shawn put it in his mount and started eating the edge like a mouse. The Paw Patrol joins and pretends to eat the super yummy milk chocolate. Also, troll is decided to join with the team and tried to eat the chocolate bar but he doesn’t like it. Oh well. We have a great and fun time with a super and duper yummy GIANT BELGIAN MILK CHOCOLATE.     ALF