Birthday Party at Chucky E Cheese’s fun place for Kids 

BIRTHDAY PARTY  at CHUCK E CHEESE’S is so much fun for kids. Kids have a great with Chucky the mouse who is very awesome. Kids have met with Chuck first then they have some yummy pizza pizza and some drink too of course. Don’t the sweetty sweet chocolate and vanilla cake which the kids love it. The fun part, getting lots of tickets from the tube is last, Kelly goes into the tube just to get the tickets for prize. She got almost 3 thousand worth of tickets and She got “My Little Pony which is her one of her favorite toys. Enjoy!!!!

Cars for kids at Shaw ToysChannel has so much choices to choose from. Diecast Mercedes-Benz, Camaro, Dodge and BMW. Please check it out.

Vlogs for Kids is so much fun. Chucky E Cheese has yummy pizza to eat

Trampoline indoor park Skyzone is fun for jumping and bouncing like a ball….