The Sunshine State


Florida, The Sunshine State

Florida is one of the fifty states in the United States of America. It is in the southeast region. It has its own statistics, topography, climate, jobs and places of interest.

Florida became the 27th state of union in 1845. It is the 22th largest state with an area of 58,476 square miles. Its population in is 18,801,310 in the census was 2010. Its capital is Tallahassee. Florida is nickname the Sunshine State.

The topography and the climate of an area affect the lives of people living there. Florida bordered by Alabama and Georgia. Its climate is usually humid, but coastal breezes help cool it. Florida is flat, its highest point is only 345 feet. The central and northwestern highlands cover the panhandle and the center of the state. The uplands feature fresh water Spring Lake and sinking forms? When water dissolves limestone. Florida has 1,350 square miles of northeast around the peninsula. The water from Lake Okeechobee empties into the everglades, the largest swamp in the world. Big Cypress Swamp Lake Okeechobee and the everglades cover most of the southern part of Florida. Lake Okeechobee is both the state’s largest and shallowest lake.

Florida has many natural resources that help provide jobs for its people. Citrus fruits grow in groves in the southern Florida, People work at hotels, restaurants, and resorts. Factory workers build computers and other electronics. Florida has 4,000 famers; they supply much of the Unites States with fresh produce of the year. Cattle, ranches and commercial fishing are population in Florida. The lumber industry in the northern part of Florida is a small but active part of the state economy. Florida produces more tomatoes than any other state, California comes in second.


Disney World Orlando, Florida

Florida is an interesting state to visit. Andrew Jackson 1767-1845 who was a governor of Florida and a President was born in Florida. John Ringling was founder of the Ringling Brothers Citrus was from Florida also. There are many popular places to visit in Florida. Disney World is a dream comes true. It’s located in Orlando and a theme park. John F Kennedy is a space center where space shuttles launch from is also located in Florida.

Florida is a great state. Many people live and work there. Others enjoy visiting there every year. It is well known for warm weather and Disney world. I would live there because I would like to go to Disney World and water parks all the time. This state is important part of the United State of America.




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