Shawn KidsChannel went to WalMart for Christmas Window Shopping for toy gifts powered Wheels cars as early as in September. WalMart had plenty of toys to select from. As you can see behind Shawn, there were many different kind of toys and when we walked by the toys island, our eyes lit up the colorful toys for kids.

Shawn walked straight to the powered Wheels cars department. He started looking around and opened the Silverado car. He checked inside of it and started to smile at it. Then, sat in and turn the steering wheel, pretending he was driving.  He must loved it.

He explore around and saw the fire truck which he seemed to be not interested in.

His mom asked him which was his favorite toy car, he answered “the Cadillac Escalade”.  He picked the Cadillac Escalade because it had a cool feature such as an ignition key.

He also checked the “Porsche” toy car. He sat inside of it and the it had a plate number “911 GT-3”. His mom laughed at it.

He opened the Jeep as well as Tonka truck too. He maybe liked them.

He was wishing that Santa would come with his favorite car.




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