The Power Puff Girls judgement Speedpaint

This is the Power Puff Girls who save your day. Kelly paint these for you. She loves to paint and Arts too. This is one of her favorite cartoon characters. They’re all powerful girls posses with different type of power who save your day. Buttercup, Bubble and Blossom are awesome.

Cars for kids at Shaw ToysChannel has so much choices to choose from. Diecast Mercedes-Benz, Camaro, Dodge and BMW. Please check it out.

Vlogs for Kids is so much fun. Chucky E Cheese has yummy pizza to eat

Trampoline indoor park Skyzone is fun for jumping and bouncing like a ball….

Mercedes-Benz Diecast Maisto is fun to play

Secret Sally wally not to tell anybody. Keep secret the truth so the cover won’t blow away.

Erica Eraser please don’t erase the truth. Keep the real story about Shopkins.

The Alpha at all time is soupy like water. It floats and go wherever it goes. Just follow the wind.

Here is Nanny making a peanut butter sandwich to feed her kids but they’re not real. They’re just toys that don’t get hungry.

Toasty bread pop out of the toaster and crunchy with butter good to go  It’s favorite breakfast for everybody.

Lastly, Snippy sneaky who eats the toasty crunchy bread.