Shawn KidsChannel got 100 subscribers


Shawn KidsChannel got 100 subscribers at YouTube in August 2016. Celebrating this milestone is fun and happy to be part of YouTube community. Glad, it’s making this happen because of our subscribers who support us from the start and also grateful to Freedom Family. We’re happy to give more videos to come. Just like celebrating a birthday, we have a birthday cake, birthday horn and the candles. There’s some dancing for joy.

Diecast Mini Cooper toy car is fun to play with for ages 6 years old and above

Diecast Mini Cooper Maisto opens the doors

Diecast Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper, Dodge Ram truck are collectable items for kids.

Keep them in the cabinet so they will last long.

They’re great for Display in the Garage or in the Kids room.

World’s awesome truck and car Shaw KidsChannel.

Giant surprise eggs for Happy Easter Shaw KidsChannel

Fun place for Birthday Party Chuck E Cheese’s yummy Pizza place and arcade

Don’t missed out Shopkins Vending Machine season 1 Secret Sally, Erica Eraser, Nutty Butter, Toasty pop




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