Toy Truck for kid – Unboxing New Bright R/C Rat exoskell opening monster truck

Let’s open a new bright r/c rat exoskell with a remote control at Shawn KidsChannel. Just like other kids, Shawn asks her mom to help him opening the box. He shows you too how to install the batteries and part of a truck. He installs the tiny Minnie antenna with a flag. He enjoys to play with this truck especially in the summer. He makes it go back and fort  This is one of his collection.

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Shaw KidsChannel has a new toy truck to review for the kids and family.

It’s a family friendly channel.

Parents can play with their children along with this toy truck indoor or outdoor settings.

It’s fun to play with on the backyard or around the house.

It can be taken to anywhere you like.

World’s awesome truck and car Shaw KidsChannel.

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