welcome to Kelly ToysChannel. Kelly painted Power Puff girls, My Little Pony and Mickey. She used an ordinary paint software to develop her ability to paint. She used awesome color to make the paint looks good.


Toys Hunting at Target


Shawn ToysChannel goes to Target for toys Hunting. Shawn shocks he couldn’t believe it. He throw the blanket in the air and shaking his feet on the floor while lying. Kelly Teases Shawn. She put her foot on Shawn and pretended she crushes him. Kelly finds “My Little Pony” toys in the small package. She grabs 3 packages while Shawn got a hard time finding the toys he likes. After a few minutes of looking around he found Five Nights at Freddy’s and Face Pie. We continue looking around to see if we can find more cool toys. we find more Five Nights at Freddy’s toys again so we decided to sing along with Five Nights at Freddy’s. Then, finally we go home with handful of toys.