Yamaha Toy uncrushable Motorcycle – Unboxing toy bike for kids Shawn KidsChannel. Shawn Unboxing the coolest toy bike for kids. He reviewed and named of of each function, remote controlled with double A batteries. The fun part when he put the Yamaha toy bike on the table and let it ran off, it didn’t crash at all. He place the manikin man side ways and didn’t come off and bang many time, didn’t crush.

Shawn and his friend took it outside and played with in the snow and on the main road with leaves using remote control. It ran very fast and put it upside down and side ways while the wheels run. It turned very cool.

Kids loved and having fun with it.






Shawn drives a Bobcat truck S300 for fun

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Shawn drives real Bobcat Truck

Shawn is very excited to drive Bobcat truck S300. He talks to his mom how it feels like driving a real Bobcat truck. READ MORE